A felony charge is very grave. It can lead to life-altering consequences for a person. In case a person is convicted of a felony, he/ she may face prison imprisonment, fines, and penalties. In case a person is charged with a felony, the following steps need to be taken.

  1. Exercise the Right To Stay Quiet– When you are charged with a felony, you can refuse incrimination in criminal cases. The Fifth Amendment allows you to remain silent until the time your lawyer arrives. There is no reason to act in a hostile manner and politely tell the officer in charge that you wish to exercise your Fifth Amendment Rights.
  2.  Stay Calm- If you are charged with a felony in Oregon, OH, you should not become agitated, aggressive, or even frustrated. This especially holds when you are innocent and you do not know why the police are asking you so many questions. Do not resist being arrested as this will make you appear guilt and additional charges will be filed against you.
  3. Contact the Attorney Without Any Delay- The most vital step in defending yourself is getting in touch with a reputed attorney that can help you come out of your problem unscathed. If you are in custody and no attorney is fighting for you, it hurts your chances of getting free. The prosecutor is aware of all technicalities related to law that you might not know and will try to push charges or a plea a bargain that you will feel is your only available option.
  4. Know The Offense that you are Facing- Felony has very serious consequences. You can even lose some rights even you are released from prison. For instance, you can lose the right to vote or the right to keep a firearm. You might even be denied your professional license. So, this makes it vital to know that you are charged with what kind of felony and what are the consequences of the same.
  5. Do Not File For Bail – It is not recommended to file for bail before talking to an attorney. The criminal defense attorney will review the case facts and then tell what necessary action should be taken. There are chances that charges might be dropped at arraignment. In such a case the person will be released with two or three days and there is no need to file for bail.

So, these are some of the things that you must do and bear in mind when you are charged with a felony. Always be open and candid with your criminal attorney as she/ she is the only person that will help you find your way out in case you are innocent. Hire the best criminal law firm and furnish your criminal defense attorney with the most accurate facts. In case you hide something, it will backfire and there are chances that you might get further trapped in the case.

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