Filing for bankruptcy can often be a case on public records. Even though a bankruptcy filing is something that can be accessed publically, the record of your bankruptcy is still not easy for someone to search out.

If someone was to perform a random check on your past history of bankruptcy, this would often involve a paid subscription to a financial security service. Most entities that would take an interest in your filing are likely banks and institutions that would be making a decision on whether or not to offer you financial products. Here are some of the instances where someone would view your record of bankruptcy.

Credit Report

Your credit report will contain a report of your bankruptcy for 10 years after the bankruptcy takes place. This isn’t something to be nervous about as even filing for bankruptcy will allow you to receive various loans and credit products even shortly after you have filed.

You Will Need to Give Consent

In order for someone to take a look at your credit history, you will have to submit a consent form for them to view your history. This can be true when you are applying for specific jobs, applying for apartments, applying to various credit products, and more. Even with your bankruptcy status revealed, you can often share extra information such as a need to discharge a medical debt or how you were rebuilding your credit to access what you may be applying for.

Even though a bankruptcy may appear on your record for some time and be something that is publicly viewed, you will be able to recover. Getting back on your feet requires remaining financially responsible after your bankruptcy. Even 2-3 years after filing, it is likely that you will see a massive boost in your credit and eligibility for a wide range of financial products again. Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t have to be considered a failure, it is a new chapter in your life where you can finally free yourself from debts.

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