Do you want to settle in a country that is politically stable and offers you great opportunities to make money? When you start looking for such ideal countries, the list starts to shrink down pretty fast. If there are countries with great political conditions, healthcare and education system, etc. they do not offer the best visa and residence programs. However, Malta Residence and Visa Program is the one that stands out as an excellent choice. With this program, you can reside in Malta for as long as you want while making money with your business or investments.

You have to know the requirements of qualifying for this program though. First, you cannot get the visa if you live in an EU country or Switzerland. Once you have the visa in your hands, the Schengen area of Europe is for you to travel. You do not need to waste time on obtaining visas for the countries that are in this region. The best thing is that there is no limit on how long you stay in Malta for after obtaining the visa successfully. To make it even better, Maltese government allows not only you but your family to reside with you under this program.

The visa remains active for five years, after which, you have to go for a renewal. You can renew the visa for as long and as many times as you want. However, to qualify for the program, you will have to spend 30,000 euros as a contribution to the Maltese government program. This money will not come back to you in any form or at any time. You will also have to spend an additional 250,000 euros on bonds issued by the government. Last but not least, you will have to buy a property that is worth no less than 320,000 euros in Malta. If you want to reside in Gozo, the price of the property has to be at least 270,000 euros.

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