When we talk about trucks, those big and heavy vehicles. Well, when those type of vehicle gets involve in an accident with a small vehicle. The result are not less than catastrophic. Truck drivers are regulated by state and federal laws, to protect those others in the road.

If a truck driver doesn’t follow the rules and cause an accident, as a victim, you can claim for a compensation. You can contact in mesquite tx to truck accident lawyer. They will help you in your particular case.

Liability of Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents, can cause some injuries. Including head fractures or internal damages. As a victim, when seeking compensation for your injuries. You must assign responsibility for the damages caused. Truck companies, most of the time, rent independent truck drivers. With that, they avoid liability if any accident happens. Nowadays, federal laws include liability to truck companies if any accidents happens. It doesn’t matter if the truck driver is not an employee.

Victims of truck accident, can hold the company liable for driver negligence, malfunction of parts, and others things. Sometimes there’s a chance that third parties are responsible for the truck accident. Having a lawyer is going to help assign the fault, and finding the company at fault.

Types of Truck Accidents

The experienced that Fielding Law has gained through time are quite a lot. Going through dozens of unique cases, they manage to recognize each type of accident. They highlight that size, weight, shape, and capabilities. As the qualities to identify each type of accident, being:

  • It is when a truck swings out of angle to the cab. Most of the time causes a rollover.
  • A big truck can turn onto its side if the driver loses control or yank the wheels. There’s a chance that a rollovers collide, and causes a pileup with other vehicles.
  • Rear-End Collisions. Dangerous for small vehicle, cause the impact of the truck is high.
  • Blind Spot Accidents. One of the most common type of accidents. Truck drivers need to always check mirror to avoid collide with small vehicle.
  • Lost Loads. Happens when some companies don’t follow the rules, and load huge cargos. The loss of these loads on the road can lead to major accidents.

Causes of Truck Accidents

The most common causes of truck accidents:

  • Mistakes from Drivers. Going in high speed or doing aggressive maneuvers. Even driven the vehicle without adequate rest. Can lead to catastrophic accidents. Drivers need to have training to manage this particularly type of vehicle. And have passed the necessary exams.
  • Poor Maintenance. Since truck drivers drive long distance. The vehicle requires constant maintenance to avoid any accident.
  • Faulty Parts. Truck and part manufactures, must ensure that the parts are for normal use. If a defective part cause an accident, a claim of liability can go to the manufacturer.
  • Damages Roads. Large truck doesn’t have maneuverability compared to small vehicles. Poor road conditions can lead to a truck accident.